Caitlin: Rockin’ It!

I first worked with Caitlin last year during the Gatekeeper band photoshoot, when she assisted with makeup and fire wrangling, but it wasn’t until I saw a selfie she posted on social media – looking like the very definition of a classic rock/ NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) fan circa 1980 that I realized she was the perfect person to continue my music-themed portrait series (see Shae’s Black Sabbath-themed gallery here.) Last month we spent several hours shooting in various locations throughout downtown Vancouver and, after many weeks of processing and consultation with Caitlin, who has the patience of a saint (and the enthusiasm of an ardent heavy music fan), here now are the results!

Separated into colour and monochrome galleries, these images are some of my favourite work to date. Admittedly I say that about almost every new shoot I post because I love what I do, but this series is the first I’ve shared that features many recognizable aspects of Vancouver itself. It may not be the biggest city in Canada, but its heavy music scene has a distinctive spirit that I am proud to portray visually in some small way.

Thank you, Caitlin, for your enthusiasm, feedback, and general badass self – you rocked this!  \m/ \m/


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