Music Video Premiere: Runahild – “Heimferd” (“Homecoming”) for the Summer Solstice

To commemorate the longest day of the year, today I am proud to release the music video that I shot for Norwegian ethereal folk artist Runahild’s song “Heimferd”.

Runahild’s music has a magical feel to it – a simple, primal resonance that opens the listener to the awe of the natural world – and it’s a feeling I know well from all my exploratory hikes at Cinnamon Ridge over the past year. When her album Seidhjallar was released in January I was so captivated by it that I felt compelled to create a dreamlike visual narrative featuring the desolate, semi-arid desert scenery I have come to know so well.

According to Runahild, “Heimferd” is about, “connecting with a soul mate who makes you feel home and whole as you transcend time and space to the source life of your being in an ever-going process of healing, growing and becoming your true self. It is about the fusion of the sacred feminine and masculine energies in the universe that is the source of all creation when they become one.”

With this theme in mind, I asked local dance instructor and outdoor enthusiast Tracy Doree to accompany me on some epic hikes at Cinnamon Ridge and the surrounding snow-covered grasslands of Lac du Bois. Her improvised dance movements shot on-location were the focal point which connects the viewer to both the music and the breathtaking landscapes.

My deepest thanks to both Tracy and Runahild for making this video possible.

Happy Solstice, all!

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